Bigger than Beckham: Clint Dempsey’s MLS return

Before we start – let’s be clear – Clint Dempsey won’t sell more tickets, more jerseys or feature in more underwear ads than David Beckham. He won’t be the catalyst for coast-to-coast sell-outs that help lead to shiny, new soccer-specific stadiums. The “Deuce” brand doesn’t have half the Q-rating that Becks carried stateside when he […]


Why one EPL manager loves American players

Stoke City’s Mark Hughes has a long track record as an English Premier League manager – since 2004 he’s led five different EPL sides, and at four of those stops Hughes has fielded a player with ties to Major League Soccer. The Welshman’s use of MLS as a talent pool began in early 2005, when […]


5 MLS clubs that have better attendance than MLB

The financial news and services site The Street published an interesting article today about the growth of Major League Soccer. Five MLS clubs are outdrawing Major League Baseball teams this season. In fact, the Sounders are outdrawing all but three MLB teams. The data is another reason why an #MLSsnob should be bullish about the […]


MLS Live discount offer

If you love MLS as much as we do, then MLS Live is for you. A subscription provides access to hundreds of out-of-market live streams and archived matches on your computer, tablet or smart phone. As a Pitch Pass listener and reader you can receive 30% off the first month of a Monthly MLS Live […]


Mexico’s Chepo and Honduras’ Suárez are keeping an eye on Major League Soccer

We often read and hear of Major League Soccer’s changing reputation overseas. Usually the shifting perceptions come from Europe, but a pair of recent stateside visits from two of CONCACAF’s top coaches suggests that our domestic league’s progress is being tracked on this side of the ocean as well. In Houston to promote a May […]