When MLS Goal of the Week voting goes horribly wrong

Remember – probably way back in elementary school – when the Electoral College was first explained to you?

It probably didn’t make much sense. Why would we need a secondary, real vote to clarify what we’d presumably already declared with our individual votes? Did the American people really need that much protection from themselves?

If Week 20 MLS Goal of the Week voting is any indication, the answer is a resounding yes.

Your winner – with 40% of the vote – Javier Morales’ clever nutmeg of FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd. No doubt a quality strike – but nothing compared to Adam Moffat’s left-footed volley taken from a header cleared some 15 yards in the air. For both its spectacular nature and degree of difficulty, Moffat’s goal should have been the runaway winner in Week 20. Even New England broadcaster Brad Feldman acknowledged the goal’s magnificence when he followed his call by immediately proclaiming it a “Goal of the Year candidate.”

And yet the latest Moffat Rocket garnered only 29.1% of the vote – hence the need for a GOTW Electoral College. My suggestion? Use YouTube views as the vote … or at least a portion of it.

In case you were wondering, Moffat’s volley has been viewed 240,776 times – while Morales’ nutmeg has just 1,719 views to its credit.

For further – and a bit more scientific – proof of the awesomeness of Moffat’s strike, I submit the video above.

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